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Heat Pump Installation Plymouth

Air Source Heat Pump and Ground Source Heat Pump Installation in Plymouth.

Heat Pumps: Installation and Servicing

Redfern Heat Pumps specialise in the installation and servicing of Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps, in addition to ancillary components such as Hot Water Cylinders, Radiators and Underfloor Heating.

Heat Pump Installation Plymouth - Woman Stood Near Control Unit - Redfern Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps v Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps use a fan to draw in air, extracting any heat contained within it. Ground Source Heat Pumps use a pump to push a liquid around pipes which are buried in the ground to extract heat from the earth. Both use a compressor to compress refrigerant inside the pipes, to give them a much lower boiling point. The heat that is extracted from the air or ground, boils the compressed refrigerant.

In domestic situations, heat is then transferred to another heating circuit, which travels around your house to heat up radiators, and your hot water cylinder. Heat pumps can work at sub-zero temperatures, as any air temperature above absolute zero (-273 celcius) contains an element of heat energy.

Heat Pump Installation Plymouth - Family in the Kitchen - Redfern Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation in Plymouth - Considerations

The main benefit of heat pumps is their efficiency. Pipe sizing, radiator sizing, underfloor heating, hot water cylinders and many other factors should be taken into consideration when designing a system which will run efficiently on a heat pump. Heat pumps are very different to boilers. It is extremely rare that you are able to simply remove a boiler and plug a heat pump into an existing heating and hot water system. There are many variables to consider. However, when designed and installed correctly, a heat pump system should be approximately 4 x more efficient than a modern condensing boiler.

Due to their heat loss characteristics, not all properties are compatible with heat pump installation in Plymouth.  Many will require insulation upgrades, which can be assessed at quotation stage.

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