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Underfloor Heating Plymouth

Providing Underfloor Heating in Plymouth – Ideal with Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps, or Gas Boilers.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be fitted in conjunction with air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps or gas boilers.  At Redfern Heat Pumps, our reliable, Gas Safe Registered heating engineers can expertly fit your underfloor heating in Plymouth and the surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall.

Underfloor Heating Plymouth - Pipework - Redfern Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps & Underfloor Heating

The perfect complement to a heat pump system and widely regarded as the gold standard in home heating, Underfloor Heating, is also designed to work at lower temperatures which is why the two work so well together.

When heating your home with traditional radiators, the majority of the heat is generally concentrated in the locality of wherever they are fitted in the property. With Underfloor Heating, you have the advantage of the heat being evenly distributed, leaving you with a much cosier atmosphere. The absence of radiators, also allows you to position furniture wherever you wish, giving you more floor space to enjoy. Much like a traditional storage heater, underfloor heating can also store heat in the slab, cooling down much more slowly than a conventional radiator.

Installing Underfloor Heating

Whilst installing Underfloor Heating can be intrusive, the benefits in energy efficiency are huge. At Redfern Heat Pumps, we work with the some of the UK’s leading Underfloor Heating manufacturers and suppliers, who provide a wide range of products for new builds and retro fit applications. We provide options for all budgets. If you are looking for Underfloor Heating in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, we will be happy to discuss your requirements – whether for certain areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, or if you are looking to fit out the whole property.

Underfloor Heating is compatible with carpet covered floors, in addition to wooden or hard flooring.  Timers and SMART Controls area available, allowing you to control your heating, wherever you may be, to heat your home when you need it most.

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